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Watch out SuperNanny. Hold on to your umbrella Mary Poppins. Nanny tattle-tales are watching you in the virtual world. On the website I Saw Your Nanny anyone can report a Nanny behaving badly and give up the goods for public consumption. Most of the eyewitness accounts on the website of over-zealous, negligent, and sometimes abusive nannyism come from New York City, but there are also plenty of incidents of arm tugging, nanny disapproval, care-giver meltdowns and so on from cities big and small. These highly subjective nanny sightings run the gamut from “child was refused a juice box” to a video of this purported Nanny (wrong) using her young charge as a “child bandit.”

The Nanny relationship cuts both ways and the blog includes nanny complaints about reckless, indifferent, stingy, and down right insensitive parents as well. One live-in Nanny posted this picture of her employer’s refrigerator. Apparently the young Nanny was not allowed to eat most of the family food.

Many of us have read the Nanny Diaries and the ordinary life of some Nannies seems to read like Nightmare on Elmstreet with ill treatment rather than generousity the norm. The book did have a humorous bent, but I wonder what our live-in Nanny thought of it? Probably “funny” wouldn’t be part of her description, but then again she also claims she’s being starved to death on post-it notes…